Report 24: How can we reinforce motivation?

Published on 14 February 2021 In managing this crisis, there are many unpredictable factors, such as the mutations of the virus and the production and delivery of vaccines, which are difficult to control. Yet we - the government and citizens - have our fate in our own hands. After all, we have control over the key factor that makes the situation under ... Read More

Report 23: Boosting and restoring confidence

Published on 11 February 2021 A year ago, COVID-19 changed our lives drastically and the return to normal life is still a long way off. Three months ago, vaccines began to offer some perspective. Enthusiasm for them has continued to grow systematically among the population, but supply difficulties are shaking up vaccination planning. Added to this are the uncertainties about ... Read More

Report 21: 'At our wit's end and yet persevering'.

Published on 29 January 2021 2021 started promising: we had come through the Christmas and New Year period well, the figures remained stable, there was hope for a further decline, and freedom was promised with the roll-out of the vaccination strategy. But the long-term efforts are beginning to weigh heavily. We have been locked in our bubbles for several months now and the prospects of rapid ... Read More

Report 19: Despondency grows

Published on 23 December 2020 By necessity, Christmas 2020 will be a celebration without guests. It is striking that a growing majority is prepared to abide by the restrictions, but that this is accompanied by an increased sense of discouragement. It is as if we are adhering to the measures with fresh reluctance. After all, we have no other choice. Media and government ... Read More

Report 17: What makes for a Happy Christmas in 2020?

Published on 23 November 2020 This second lockdown makes us yearn for what lies ahead. The Christmas and end-of-year period takes on an added dimension during this corona crisis. Will we be able to celebrate Christmas with our families this year? Or would we rather stay in our lockdown cocoon? Is it worth the effort if we follow the current measures and ... Read More

Report 18: Vaccination readiness and motivation

Published on 14 December 2020 The corona crisis is entering a new phase after the positive news from the vaccine front. The results from various vaccine developers are promising and provide light at the end of the dark corona tunnel. At the same time, numerous new challenges arise. Not only does the population need to be motivated to continue with the measures ... Read More

Report 15: Even hard nuts can be cracked in a motivational way!

Published on 14 October 2020 Infection rates are skyrocketing and hospitals are once again under pressure. The new government team was therefore faced last week with the challenge of communicating a number of stricter measures to turn the tide as quickly as possible. This was not a foregone conclusion: this crisis has been going on for too long and we have ... Read More

Report 14: Motivational Tools: The Corona Barometer

Published on 30 September 2020 Infection rates have risen rapidly in recent weeks. There is a growing awareness among part of the population that adjustments are necessary. At the same time, other citizens are questioning the need for it. Here and there, pockets of resistance are growing. The question is how do we learn to live with the measures to reduce the risk of an escalating ... Read More

Report 13: What are psychological alternatives to the bubble concept?

Published on 17 September 2020 In the middle of the summer holidays, infection rates unexpectedly rose again. Our habit of meeting family, friends, and neighbours during the summer came under pressure with the reintroduction of a smaller bubble. Today, that bubble formula is wearing thin. Some citizens revile the bubble concept, others still believe in the effectiveness of this ... Read More