Report 38: Omicron, childhood vaccination and end-of-year celebrations: what do we think?

Published on 21 December 2021 For the second time, we celebrate the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and, more than ever, the evolution of the epidemiological situation is unpredictable. The fourth wave is subsiding, but the number of hospital admissions is still high. It took three consecutive consultation committees which were met with much scepticism from both the media and the public.

Report 35: How risk-aware and motivated is the population still, and what is the role of the corona pass in this?

Published on 12 November 2021 During a quiet summer and after a successful vaccination campaign, the gates to freedom were opened with hope, but in the meantime a dampener of joy followed. Corona figures rose again in recent weeks. The abolition of compulsory mouth masks in public places and shops was reversed and other interventions were introduced (Covid Safe Ticket) or are being considered ... Read More

Report 34: Is there still motivational support for the measures in various regions?

Published on 9 September 2021 Last weekend, several Flemish politicians stated that the support base for the corona measures has completely evaporated. The public would no longer be prepared to follow the remaining health measures. Is this true? While the vaccination campaign is going well in Flanders and Wallonia, Brussels is lagging behind: the risk of infection and illness is higher there. What influence does the ... Read More

Report 24: How can we reinforce motivation?

Published on 14 February 2021 In managing this crisis, there are many unpredictable factors, such as the mutations of the virus and the production and delivery of vaccines, which are difficult to control. Yet we - the government and citizens - have our fate in our own hands. After all, we have control over the key factor that makes the situation under ... Read More

Report 17: What makes for a Happy Christmas in 2020?

Published on 23 November 2020 This second lockdown makes us yearn for what lies ahead. The Christmas and end-of-year period takes on an added dimension during this corona crisis. Will we be able to celebrate Christmas with our families this year? Or would we rather stay in our lockdown cocoon? Is it worth the effort if we follow the current measures and ... Read More

Report 14: Motivational Tools: The Corona Barometer

Published on 30 September 2020 Infection rates have risen rapidly in recent weeks. There is a growing awareness among part of the population that adjustments are necessary. At the same time, other citizens are questioning the need for it. Here and there, pockets of resistance are growing. The question is how do we learn to live with the measures to reduce the risk of an escalating ... Read More

Report 11: How to keep motivation high during the summer?

Published on 16 July 2020 The weekly average number of infections rose again in recent days. Virologists warn that the virus is still in the country and that continued vigilance is required. For some citizens, these figures are a reason to become anxious, while the same figures strengthen others' commitment to voluntary measures. Read More