Civility is not created by an appeal and even less by an accusation.

In the corona crisis, we have control over the key factor: our behaviour. A few kinks in our motivation show that injudicious easing undermines it. Read the article here: You don't get civility by an appeal and even less by ... - De Standaard Authors: Omer Van den Bergh, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Sofie Morbée, Joachim Waterschoot, Olivier Luminet, Vincent Yzerbyt Academics associated ... Read More

Dark days and a lockdown: how can we stay motivated?

The dark cold days of winter are upon us and we find ourselves in a lockdown. For a lot of people, it weighs heavily. How can we keep ourselves motivated? "With structure, perspective and risk awareness," says motivational psychologist Maarten Vansteenkiste. Read the article here: lockdown_days

"Government needs to do a better job of explaining the why behind the measures"

There is some confusion again after Prime Minister Wilmès' press conference on the stricter corona rules. Is it now five people in our bubble, or ten after all, provided that safety measures are in place? The numbers in themselves matter less, says motivational psychologist Maarten Vansteenkiste. Psychologically, it is important to better explain the logic behind the measures. Because then we are more ... Read More

Motivational guidance regarding flashing light, footprint and mandatory mouth mask

Last weekend, there was a lot of talk about people hanging around in the streets after bars and restaurants had closed. "We are experiencing the effects of the lockdown, we want to enjoy our freedom to the full again", says motivational psychologist Maarten Vansteenkiste. But how do we deal with this? "Until now, it has always been a call to take responsibility for our ... Read More

corona measures with a coherent story

On the eve of the Security Council, the motivation to comply with the coronas measures is lower than ever. 'On a motivational level, it's a quarter past twelve.' But there will not be much relaxation. Read the article here: coronamate_measures_coherent_story

Flanders hangs out the flame for The Warmest Week

You may already have seen them hanging in your neighbourhood: the distinctive flame of The Warmest Week. By doing so, you let your neighbours know that you want to help where you can. During this extended autumn holiday many Flemish people have already put out their flame to show that they want to make a difference for each other. Via #dewarmsteweek many ... Read More

Clear trend break in corona communication of new government

Out of nowhere, the newly formed government came up with a series of strictures against corona. And immediately, it was able to record a clear break with the National Security Council of former Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR). "The message will undoubtedly be well prepared, but it seems to come from the heart." Read the article here: trendbreak_newgovernment

The experts behind
Corona Compass

On one side of the table: the epidemiologist. On the other side: the motivational psychologist. In between: a good one and a half metres and the science of why they want it that way. Pierre Van Damme and Maarten Vansteenkiste, two leaders of the debate and our corona compass, on the importance of motivation, communication and the Red Devils as possible role models. "We don't want the ... Read More

Is there something wrong with
"our common sense"?

Masses of people going to the shops before they close for the long haul. It seemed that way last weekend, when you saw the images of the large shopping streets in the country. But does the responsibility for this now lie with politicians (who simply had to implement the announced measures more quickly) or with citizens (and "common sense", which is often referred to in the ... Read More

The new normal

Emeritus professor of health psychology Omer van den Bergh does not expect a dramatic increase of serious psychological complaints, but asks to remain alert for people with a delayed reaction to the corona crisis and people who will suffer psychologically from the economic consequences in the future. He calls for a "community-based project" to avoid a second wave. Read the article ... Read More