Who are we?

De motivatiebarometer: de COVID-19 pandemie

Het grootste gedragsexperiment ooit

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, it was clear to us, motivational psychologists, that this would not just be a sanitary but also a psychological-motivational crisis. After all, our main weapon in fighting the virus circulation is our behaviour. Sustained motivation of the population under these stressful conditions is not a matter of course. For us academics, this crisis was therefore a unique opportunity to test, refine and optimise existing theories.

Een interdisciplinaire samenwerking

Deze crisis onderstreept meer dan ooit het belang van interdisciplinaire samenwerking tussen verschillende academische disciplines. Motivatie-, gezondheids-, sociaal en klinisch psychologen dragen bij door, ten eerste, het versterken van het motivationeel draagvlak van maatregelen via wervende communicatie. Ten tweede, door het adviseren van maatregelen die proportioneel zijn ten opzicht van het risiconiveau waarin we ons bevinden om zo psychische en motivationele belasting te beperken en, ten derde, andere disciplines te attenderen op de noodzaak van steunmaatregelen en initiatieven ter versterking van de motivatie en mentale gezondheid.

A bridge between theory and practice

With this motivation barometer, we want to build a bridge between theory and practice. We assist the government and the population in various ways during this crisis with accessible reports and through various opinion articles and interventions in the written and spoken media. In recent months, the results from this motivational barometer and accompanying advice have been handed over to the National Crisis Centre, governors, GEMS, the commissariat, and various ministerial cabinets. Behind the scenes, we also provide support to various civil society organisations, local and provincial authorities and the media to take up their motivational role in this crisis. By taking on this social commitment, we are trying to do our bit in this crisis.

Het team:

Maarten Vansteenkiste

Professor of Developmental and Motivational Psychology (UGent) and member of the GEMS

Omer Van den Bergh

Professor, KU Leuven

Co-chairman of the expert group 'Psychology and Corona Research on health, behaviour and (psycho)physiological dysfunctioning

Vincent Yzerbyt

Professor of Social Psychology (UCLouvain) and member of the GEMS+

Olivier Klein

Professor, Université libre de Bruxelles

Director of the Centre for Social and Cultural Psychology Research into group conflicts, prejudice, misinformation and conspiracy theories

Olivier Luminet

Professor, UCLouvain

Research director at the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (FRS-FNRS) President of the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences

Sofie Morbée

Postdoctoraal onderzoeker, Universiteit Gent

Inventory and management organization questionnaire Research on (de)motivating communication style, especially in a sport context

Joachim Waterschoot

Postdoctoraal onderzoeker, Universiteit Gent

Data coordination, management, analysis and reporting. Conducts research on boredom and how people keep themselves motivated

Pascaline Van Oost

Doctoral researcher, ULB and UCLouvain

Inventor and lead organisation questionnaire Research on prejudice against minorities and political psychology.

Mathias Schmitz

Postdoctoral researcher, UCLouvain

Statistical analyses Research on group perceptions and relationships, political psychology, social identity, methods and statistics.

Marie Brisbois

Research associate, ULB

Inventory and management organisation questionnaire

Eveline Raemdonck

Psychologist, VUB

Inventory and management organisation questionnaire