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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the motivation barometer research also focused on practical implications. The team was regularly invited to give lectures and workshops on certain topics to specific target groups (e.g. vaccination, communication, motivation).

The research we conducted allowed us to place practical applications that we already knew about (before the pandemic) in the light of the most recent COVID-19 research. In other words, we could start working on an evidence-based basis .

We would like to share these practical tools with the wider public via this website.

Do you have questions about these tools or would you like to organise a workshop/lecture about them? Please contact us via the contact page.


(De)motivating communicating

What is this checklist?

This list contains an overview of motivating and demotivating communication styles, with practical examples and applications.

In this pandemic, this list was developed for government agencies, pharmacists and (general) practitioners. However, it is applicable to many more domains.

Research shows that autonomy-supporting and structuring communication styles motivate people autonomously, whereas controlling and chaotic strategies tend to demotivate (e.g., Aelterman et al., 2019)

COVID-19 vaccination toolkit

What is a COVID-19 vaccination toolkit?

This toolkit contains resources for parents and carers of children aged 5 to 11 years who will receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Each tip is designed to help your child before, during and after the appointment. Using this toolkit will help you to reduce your child's fear of needles and pain.

Research shows that by using the resources in this toolkit, your child has less pain now and in the future, and acquires healthy habits that can help in the future