Publication report 38: Omicron, childhood vaccination and end-of-year celebrations: what do we think?

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Report 38

For the second time, we are celebrating the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and, more than ever, the evolution of the epidemiological situation is unpredictable. The fourth wave is subsiding, but the number of hospital admissions is still high. It required three consecutive consultation committees that were received with much scepticism by both the media and the public. Meanwhile, a new threat is already looming with the arrival of the omikron variant, which, according to all current data, is highly infectious. The administration of a third vaccination dose is being accelerated, while the vaccination of young children is being prepared. At the same time, it is clear that vaccination will not be enough. In the and-and story, contact and other restrictions remain a must, especially during the upcoming end-of-year festivities, which we prefer to spend in company. In light of this situation, this 38th report answers the following four questions:

Question 1: How do motivation and risk perception evolve?

Question 2: How do people plan to deal with the end of year celebrations? 

Question 3: How will the welfare of the population change with the arrival of the omikron variant? 

Question 4: What do parents think about vaccinating their children aged 5 to 11?

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