Publication report 40: The CST, compulsory vaccination, 1G policy or a complete overhaul?

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Report 40

After almost two years of corona crisis, the government is facing a crucial decision. Will it introduce further relaxations in which the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will be shaken up, will it maintain the current CST policy or will it increase the pressure to get as many people as possible vaccinated? What are the expected psychological consequences if a vaccination card is introduced or if vaccination becomes compulsory? Various experts from different disciplines (i.e., medical, economic, educational, psychological) are invited to a parliamentary debate on this fascinating but delicate issue. In this report, we evaluate the support for four policy options (i.e., abolish CST, maintain CST policy, introduce vaccination pass and compulsory vaccination) and we delve deeper into the psychological mechanisms that explain the (lack of) support for a policy option. The following questions are central to this report:

  1. Is the support for various policy options dependent on the number of vaccinations a person has received so far and what is the role of risk awareness? 
  2. What psychological advantages and disadvantages are associated with various policy options and which policy option encourages vaccination? 
  3. What are the differences between a 1G policy and compulsory vaccination and do they encourage vaccination? 
  4. What factors prevent unvaccinated people from being vaccinated? Are they related to the attitude towards compulsory vaccination? 
  5. What is a potentially binding and motivating alternative?

Appendix: Methodological reflections 

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